Profitable Careers in Mathematics

BMO FinancialIn spite of the mathematics decline in schools across America in recent years, being a high school mathematics teacher sometimes keeps me distracted from what else is going on in the workforce. Friends like to joke with me and say, “Those who can’t do, teach,” and sometimes I take this to heart a little too much. But regardless of my own personal experiences with my mathematical knowledge, there are other attractive job opportunities on the market where attaining a math degree can be very rewarding more so now than before. I will present some of them here in hopes to motivate those who are still sitting on the fence about what career to pursue based upon the benefits of arithmetic.

I suppose it would only be appropriate for me to begin with the field of mathematics. Such professions in computer services, banking, insurance, education and industry will all branch out from the formidable tree of math if you obtain a college major in it. For those starting out in these careers, the median starting salary is placed around $47,000 annually. If you continue on to the mid-career stage then a salary of $97,600 per year is not out of reach. That doesn’t sound too shabby if I do say so myself. [Read more...]

The Decline of Math in US Schools

MathOver my career as a high school math educator I have literally seen the interest and drive from students to excel in mathematics come to a serious decline. When I say decline I’m not just talking about a very slow and gradual process but rather one that has practically arrived over night. I wasn’t very surprised when I learned that schools across America soon began to minimize math standards to where they had never been before.

I can still recall when I was quite younger and teaching in the late 1990s there were many occasions when students would work up the nerve to ask me why they even needed to learn a lot of the content I was teaching them. Algebra and the Pythagorean Theorem were two of the most common subjects that would trigger such questions. I would always reply with the same answer and tell them that they needed to learn these areas of math because they would use them some day. I could tell that my response was only effective about half of the time. But here and now two decades later, I’m getting this inquiry almost on a weekly to monthly basis and I’m running out of convincing explanations.

So why exactly is this all going on then? What is causing it? There is no doubting that it is happening right now. When an international look at the competitiveness of mathematics was conducted, the results found that America has now been grouped somewhere in the middle of the bundle when it comes to not only mathematics, but science and technology as well. Students from nations such as China and South Korea have picked up the ball where America has dropped it. A separate international study was also carried out when 150 000 people aged 16 through 65 were questioned in 24 different nations. The results for our country here in the U.S. were absolutely embarrassing to say the least. We used to be one of the global leaders in technology and innovation but now we’ve more than lost our edge. [Read more...]

Careers That Use Math Everyday

AstronomyHello again, it’s everyone’s favorite middle-aged high school math teacher, me. Okay, I’m kidding obviously but I do hope you are getting something out of my little math-related blogs that I get to make available from time to time. I’m an educator and most importantly I just want people to learn, regardless of their age.

Right now I want to talk a little more about the importance of mathematics and how it can be applied to everyday life – especially from the career aspect. Despite how many have adverse feelings about arithmetic, I would like to encourage those that enjoy it to really grasp and understand what options they have available to them. When you take this subject as seriously as I do, you may very well be surprised at what potential jobs are available out there on the market. The economy certainly can’t be trusted to self-correct any time soon, so if you feel that you have a genuine love and strength in mathematics then you should take the remainder of this article to learn and reflect upon what future options might be accessible to you.

I first want to zero in on some of the professions that require the more vigorous and advanced mathematical capabilities. Even for those that have limited imaginations, it should be uncomplicated to assume that office and classroom-oriented careers such as mathematicians, physicists, drafters, accountants, cost estimators and professors will fall into this classification. [Read more...]

Can A Tablet Help You Succeed In Math Class?

Believe it or not, you can actually use a tablet computer to help you out with math. All you need is a simple program and you are all set. The program is called Math Input Panel, and it is made by Microsoft so you know that it is a quality piece of software. You can use it to create documents and make presentations, as well as perform math tasks.

So what exactly is this program? It’s built into Windows 7. It immediately recognizes any sort of math expression that is written down. With this program, you can transfer the hand-written expressions into the program. That way you can use it for any sort of word-processing needs.

Now with this program it’s mostly designed for push pen. It comes equipped with one to start with. But you can also use touchscreen too. Some are not as comfortable with the pen device. Many find the touchscreen more accessible, which is what makes this program so customizable. You can also use a mouse with this program too. Just have the mouse hooked up to the system and it will work.

1) Open up the program by clicking the start button.
2) Go to the search box and type in the words math input panel.
3) As soon as that appears, click on it.
4) The next thing you need to do is type in a well-place math expression. It doesn’t need to be that expansive, but something that the system can work with.
5) When it comes to the math recognitions, make any necessary corrections.
6) Once you have made the necessary corrections, tab the insert button. This will place the expression into the system.

1) Hold down the mouse or use the push pen, and draw a circle around the parts that need to be corrected. If you want to correct a symbol hold down the mouse, while tapping on the symbol itself.
2) Look at the list and choose something else. Choose the one you meant to represent.
3) Once you do this, tab it and insert it into the program. Make sure you insert it enough for the program to recognize it.

Now if you do this and you wish to continue writing, simply click the “continue writing” button and move on.

I have many students who have used tablets to help them in their math courses. The key is to shop around and find a good one that will run the software that you need. There are many websites that will help you find the right tablet for your needs and you will definitely want to explore all of your options. The key here is to find a tablet that has the most memory you can afford, and is the latest version of whatever device you purchase. For instance, if you were going to buy an iPad and use it for math, you would likely want to get the iPad Air as that is the latest and most powerful model. You don’t want to be sitting in math class with a device that crashes!

To sum up, math has truly come into the 21st century and many students are using tablets to help them in algebra, calculus, and of course basic math. Will you become one of them?

Making Math Easy Through Binary Options Trading

Math is a very difficult subject. Rather, most people think it is difficult. What makes Math seem like a difficult subject to most people is the fact that the way it is taught has not changed since the early days of the modern school system. The traditional way of teaching Math is, unfortunately, ineffective. Only the best students can benefit from the use of such instructional methods. Of course, the goal of education is to teach everyone effectively. To be content with the use of traditional instructional methods because they are effective when it comes to making the brightest students learn is wrong.

As a Math teacher, I make it a point to use teaching methods that are tailored to the needs of my students. For my university classes, for one, I make use of binary options trading to teach my class important Mathematical concepts. By urging my students to do binary options trading with Banc de Binary, I get them to learn about Math, economics, finance, and trade in a very applied manner.

First things first, some of my readers might be asking, isn’t doing binary options trading with a brokerage like Banc de Binary illegal? The answer is no. Although some brokerages are illegitimate, Banc de Binary isn’t. It’s actually regulated by the CySec, and this is why I urge my students to only do binary options trading with them. By doing business with Banc de Binary, they can be sure that their money is safe. Also, by working with the brokerage, they will have binary options trading explained to them effectively, and this lets them move on to learning about Math fast.

What is it about binary options trading that makes my students learn about Math easily? Well, it actually depends on which Mathematical concept we’re looking it. If we’re looking at Statistics, then the trading itself will prove useful in teaching my students the concept of probability. Not only do they end up learning effectively about the concept, they also end up realizing its importance in everyday living.

“Thank you for getting us to do binary options trading. Thanks to you, I now realize the importance of Statistics in every day life. I actually still do binary options trading. I find that it also helps me learn about finance and economics. I just wish my Math teachers from when I was still in high school were as good as you. If they were, I probably would have gotten high grades in Math back then,” Camilla, a former student of mine, told me.

Hopefully, this post of mine will prove helpful to the many Math teachers out there who are struggling with teaching their students effectively. Math doesn’t have to be a hard subject; teachers just have to know how to teach it properly. Thankfully, more and more teachers are realizing the importance of doing so. In the future, we can expect Math education to be so much better than it ever was. Who knows? Maybe ten years down the road, everyone will find the subject very easy.

Teaching Math the Right Way

Math may seem like a very difficult subject for most people, but the truth is that it isn’t. The only reason why so many people find math difficult is that the way it’s traditionally taught in schools is not really the best way of teaching it. In order to make students fully understand math, they need to engage in hands-on activities that will enable them to learn mathematical concepts in an experiential manner. This is why in my university classes, I encourage my students to do binary options trading. By doing binary options trading, they are able to understand pure mathematical concepts as well gain a solid background in economics and finance.

Whenever I first meet with a class, I tell them to check out the websites of the different binary options brokers operating here in the country. After they do so, I then ask them such questions as “how do binary options brokers make money?” By pondering on these questions, they can gain an understanding as to why the option prices of the binary options brokerages here are different, among other things. After making them answer an initial round of questions and making them understand basic mathematical, economic, and financial concepts, I then ask them to do binary options trading. By doing binary options trading, they are able to translate what they learned in the classroom setting to real life settings.

During the first time I incorporated binary options trading in my teaching, I only did it for one class. I then compared the performance of my class who I encouraged to do binary options trading and the one who received only standard teaching. I then saw that those who did binary options trading performed significantly better than the non-binary options trading class. Since then, I have included binary options trading and other alternative modes of instruction in my teaching.

“Thanks to you, I was able to learn mathematical concepts I used to find difficult. Math is now actually very easy for me. It’s really a shame that my high school teachers weren’t as good as you. Had they also incorporated amazing activities in their teaching, I probably would have become a math whiz then. After I took your class, I actually got more interested in being an actuary, so I changed my major. Now, I’m working as an actuary at one of the biggest banks in the country. This wouldn’t have been possible had you not been such a great teacher to us,” a student once told me in conversation.

Hopefully, this post of mine will get more math teachers to try out more engaging strategies when teaching their students. Math doesn’t have to be hard; so long as a teacher does their best, they will be able to make their students understand even the “hardest” mathematical concepts. Teachers owe it to their students to really do their best when it comes to teaching. If they don’t do their best, they are going to affect their students’ future in a very negative way; having great mathematical skills, after all, is a very important important job qualification.

My Favorite Math Movie: Good Will Hunting

HarvardOver the last two decades of my career as a high school math teacher my students have asked me countless questions about nearly everything under the sun. The most common ones were about what colleges or universities I would recommend for the best math programs, why did I choose to become a math teacher, what are my favorite subjects and what inspires me. Regarding the last question about inspiration, I often tell my students that books and movies can be two of the greatest sources. I love being an educator and when I am fortunate enough to get one or two students in one class that have such a passion for mathematics, I really try to cultivate that enthusiasm. I have suggested several books and movies for the students to associate themselves with and one of the movies I choose is Good Will Hunting.

Some students have ended up taking my advice and did go on to watch the movie. On several occasions they have come back to me and asked why I endorsed the film to begin with. I suppose for some high school level students the movie may be a little mature and it isn’t the cleanest movie for language. But with that being said, it’s very inspirational for a few reasons which I will be taking the time to cover right now in this blog post. [Read more...]

The Best Schools For Obtaining A Math Degree

People used to automatically assume that because I was a high school math teacher I knew everything about arithmetic including the best courses, teachers and post-secondary schools across the country. Not many years ago, after I started to get asked a lot more about where the best schools to continue on in math studies were, I realized that I did not usually have any good answers to give my students. Finally one day I decided that I really should be a better help to those eager to intensify studies in mathematics. I figured that I could fuel their flames of passion better if I had as much insight as possible regarding where they should strive to go to university or college. Below is a list of some of the best colleges and universities I discovered in the U.S. for obtaining a math degree.

These Institutions are listed in ranking order

MITThe Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Cambridge is rated as the #1 school in America for their mathematics programs.

* In Discrete Mathematics and Combinatorics they are also rated in the #1 slot.

* Their course for Applied Math ranks at #3 across the nation.

* The Geometry and Topology programs are both rated at #4.

* MIT’s Number Theory/Algebra/Algebraic Geometry course comes in at #5.

* The Analysis study course is ranked at #6 within the country. [Read more...]

Life Benefits of Studying Math in High School

ClassrromEven though I’m a high school mathematics teacher, I am also a realist. With this being so I can concede that there are many American senior high schools that are not doing a very practical undertaking of preparing young adults for several essential aspects of life. I am not however going to cover all of these lacking areas here, but what I would like to talk about it is how the average high school student should learn about finance.

Unfortunately not every high school offers such a course and this is what I mean about lackluster preparedness. The good news is that here in the 21st century we have the World Wide Web platform to utilize for educational purposes and it’s my every intention to do just that. I hope to convince any young readers out there that if your high school provides its students with a course in finance, do a gigantic favor for yourself and enroll in it.

It is important for you to understand right away that if you learn and understand at this younger age about managing your finances, you should develop into a responsible adult and save yourself much prospective hardships. If you haven’t learned this by now, money isn’t always the most important thing in the world, but almost everything tends to revolve around it in some way. If you are going to play this game in the near future (which is pretty much inevitable) then you must understand the rules and learn the advantages. [Read more...]